The Instruments

J. Thibouville-Lamy Violins

J. Thibouville-Lamy violins are more than instruments; they are a homage to the stunning artistry that defined an era. Fusing tradition with skill and passion, today’s JTL instruments embody the legacy of J. Thibouville-Lamy - a legacy we’re now proud to continue into the 21st Century.

Every step of handcrafting a J. Thibouville-Lamy instrument is exquisitely executed with the utmost precision and care. From the shaping of the scroll to the placement of the f-holes, our master luthiers have poured their heart and soul into expertly and respectfully replicating every magnificent detail of original J. Thibouville-Lamy instruments from the late 19th and early 20th Century.